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Come to where the knowledge is! Deutsche Gemmologische Gesellschaft eV (German Gemmological Association)

Coloured Stones Programme

The numerous gemstones offered in the trade, the discovery of new gemstones, varieties and occurrences as well as modern treatment techniques and the production of high-quality synthetic stones and imitations require detailed understanding of the material available on the market through gemmological knowledge.

The Coloured Stones Programme provides the theoretical basics and practical skills which are necessary for the examination and identification of gemstones and their numerous simulants as well as treated gemstones. It leads to an internationally recognized qualification, which denotes a mastery of the various gemmological instruments that are necessary in the use of modern problem-free examination methods. The Coloured Stones Programme consists of 11 one week individual courses plus three days exam with a theoretical and practical part.

Students who wish to concentrate on special subjects amongst the vast choice of coloured stones can feel free to enroll for any one course of the programme after completing the introductory courses G1 and G2 which provide the necessary basic knowledge to follow the other courses G3-G10. Each course ends with a test and the successful completion will be certified.

Students who visit the complete Coloured Stones Programme will be well prepared for the three day’s final exam in course G11. The complete Coloured Stones Programme is offered at a 10 % discounted fee.

Course Enrollment: Coloured Stones Programme

Contents of the Coloured Stones Programme:

  • Introduction to Gemmology
  • Basics of Gem Identification
  • Advanced Gem Identification
  • Intense Gem Identification
  • Specific Gem Identification 1: Corundum
  • Specific Gem Identification 2: Beryl
  • Specific Gem Identification 3
  • Commercial Gemmology
  • Specific Gem Identification 4
  • Specific Gem Identification: Opaque gemstones and mounted gemstones
  • Preparation course for the Coloured Stones final exam
  • Coloured Stones final exam

Course Enrollment: Coloured Stones Programme

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