Deutsche Gemmologische Gesellschaft

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DGemG Gemmology Diploma Course

The most effective way of a gemmological education!

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Coloured Stones Programme

Your way to the world of coloured stones!

Characteristics, occurrences, practical gem testing with gemmological instruments, identification of synthetic stones, imitations and treated stones, evaluation criteria, preparation of gemstone reports.

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Diamond Programme

Your way to the world of diamonds!

Characteristics, practical grading, identification of synthetic diamonds, imitations and treated stones, preparation of diamond reports.

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Pearls/Organic Substances Programme

Your way to the world of pearls/organic substances!

Occurrences, species, qualities, imitations and treatment of pearls, cultured pearls, coral, ivory, amber.

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Third Party Certification of DGemG for development, planning and execution of gemmological seminars as well as educational programmes